First thing to be looked at every request in the system, the global php will start session, load Magrathea and set whatever else...
Inside inc folder at app, the global.php file sets environments and variables for use in the whole application.

This is an example of what the global.php file can be:

	// start session:

	// error reporting level:
	error_reporting(E_ALL ^ E_STRICT);

	// set the path of magrathea framework (this way is possible to have only one instance of the framework for multiple projects)
	$magrathea_path = "/Users/username/Sites/Magrathea";
	// set the path of your site (you can set this manually as well)
	$site_path = __DIR__."/../..";

	// looooooaaaadddiiiiiinnnnnnggggg.....

	// wanna debug? here's your debug!
	// options: dev; debug; log; none;	MagratheaDebugger::Instance()->SetType(MagratheaDebugger::DEBUG)->LogQueries(true);

	// initialize Smarty. eh.. I don't think there is a more beautiful way of doing this (I want to be transparent as well, see?)
	$Smarty = new Smarty;
	$Smarty->template_dir = $site_path."/app/Views/";
	$Smarty->compile_dir  = $site_path."/app/Views/_compiled";
	$Smarty->config_dir   = $site_path."/app/Views/_configs";
	$Smarty->cache_dir    = $site_path."/app/Views/_cache";

	// initialize the MagratheaView and sets it to Smarty	
	$Smarty->assign("View", MagratheaView::Instance());

	// for printing the paths of your css and javascript (that will be included in the index.php)

As you can see, there are two global variables ($magrathea_path and $site_path). Sorry about that.
The fun is just starting... Now, let's go to the index.php...