Plugins allow you to install some functionalities in your project without worrying about copying a lot of files or anything like that.

Adding a new plugin

All plugins listed can be found at Magrathea/plugins.
Folder's name are correspondent to plugin's name and, basically, Magrathea will copy the content of it to your project.

Be sure that your plugins folder (app/plugins) have the correct permissions to be written!
After installing it, you should call the plugin data from your code - example, adding the following to index.php:

Create your own plugins

When creating a new plugin, you have to include a file info.conf that will get information to be displayed on the Plugins Page:

name = "angular JS"
version = "1.3.13"
description = "angularJS - v. 1.3.13 + dozens of additional modules. <br/>Includes extra modules: animate; aria; cookies; csp; loader; messages; mocks; resource; route; sanitize; scenario; touch"
url = ""
author = "Google"
more = ""
database = "database/db.sql"

Available plugins (so far):