Magrathea is an ancient planet located in orbit around the twin suns Soulianis and Rahm in the heart of the Horsehead Nebula.
It was the home a new form of specialist industry: custom-made, luxury planet building. Hyperspatial engineers sucked matter through white holes in space to form dream planets - gold planets, square planets, glass planets, platinum planets, soft rubber planets with lots of earthquakes - all lovingly made to meet the exacting standards that the Galaxy's richest men naturally came to expect.

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Magrathea PHP

Just as in Douglas Adams' book The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, this framework may help you to build worlds - anything you can imagine.
It's a PHP/mySQL/mod_rewrite based framework which allows you to build objects from database tables, instead of the opposite, as the other frameworks usually do.
MagratheaPHP is totally free and open source. Feel free to use all this ideas and change it as you wish!
It's possible to summon an admin page that build you the objects and relations, manage tests and even start writing the code for you! Wow, man, this thing is stealing your job!

The Future of Magrathea

In the book, Magrathea becames so good at it, that it becames the richest planet of all time and the rest of the galaxy remains in complete poverty.
We don't want that.
In the book, nobody have enough money to ask Magrathea for a new planet, so they went into hibernation, awaiting an economic recovery. Soon, Magrathea disappeared and its memory passed into the obscurity of legend
Definitely, we don't want that either.

So, Magrathea is a free open source framework and its repository can be accessed here ( ).
You are invited to contribute with the project, fork it, use it in your own projects and help improving it. You are invited as well to steal all this code and create anything you want from it.

Platypus Technology

Platypus Technology

Platypus Technology is a company based in São Paulo, Brazil, that hardly gives any profit.
Our motto is "funny programming", and we really enjoy learning and building this things. And we also really enjoy fill up our code with jokes, puns and gags - although our clients and bosses are not so much into this idea...
Even with it, we take programming seriously and try to solve real world problems.


This documentation (completely incomplete, mea culpa) tries to give the basics for start developing with this framework.
If any questions remains, please, feel free to contact me via github or send me an email. I will try to help anyone as soon as possible.
In order to help anyone that would like to go deep into Magrathea development, I have this sample project ( ) here that may help you as well!

version: 1.3.3