Copy the full sample project folder to the directory where your project will be hosted.

Create a virtual host

For development in MacOS:

Working with Mac OSX 10.7:

Open the terminal and go to: cd /private/etc/apache2/users/, then look for your configuration file (it may be one directory up as well)
edit that file, adding the following code:

	<VirtualHost *>
		DocumentRoot /Users/[user]/Sites/[path]/app
		<Directory /Users/[user]/Sites/[path]/app>
			Options Indexes FollowSymLinks MultiViews
			AllowOverride All
			Order allow,deny
			allow from all
The DocumentRoot should point to the path where the directory was copied. As well the line above.

In the terminal, then, go to cd /private/etc/ and edit hosts file, adding the line:
, where is the internal URL that will be used to reach the website.

finally, restart apache, typing in the terminal: sudo apachectl restart

Initial Configuration

You have to start configurating your site path, Magrathea path and database connection, editting the file inside configs/magrathea.conf!
For more info about how to edit the configuration file, Click here!